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and darrell waltrip took me to task. >> dana: they are better than the nra when it comes to that stuff. >> dana: bob? >> bob: the gay marriage ban voted in california by the voters is challenged in the courts. briefs are filed. i am happy to say. i appreciate that 75 prominent republicans signed briefs to overturn the gay ban. right thing. it will help your party. >> eric: boxers or briefs? >> bob: you are just in the tank for nascar. don't tell me about boxers or briefs. >> greg: the biggest news, episode nine of bachelor was last knight and interesting development. ashley frasier one of the three women who refused ini havation t toihavation to the fe and she was eliminated.
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the flaw is you should haven't a capital letter in middle of your name. beautiful woman. very sweet. >> dana: is that how it is on your birth certificate? >> greg: i haven't seen it. >> andrea: don't you think she is the next bachelorette? >> greg: i do. she has a story. >> dana: i was busy doing my online class i started op monday about american heritage. >> greg: that is delightful. >> dana: i have to. go i might to my one more thing tomorrow. it's about a guy that put in a paid death notice of the "new york times." his family placed the ad. he said i love -- he loved everything about new york except for the "new york times." gave us a chuckle before he left. rest in peace. >> greg: do it tomorrow. >> dana: i was confused. i thought they were telling us to go.
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welcome to "red eye." it is like judge judy but with a shorty robe. let's go to andy levy. >> our top story tonight, texas high school students forced to wear burr caws and worship allah? please. ♪ i made it a question so it doesn't have to be accurate. plus, a brooklyn man sues his parents for not loving him enough. the story so shocking we have had it in the show run down since last friday. and finally a professor in the netherlands caught watching porn when he forgets to unhook his computer from a projector after a lecture. we will show you what he was watching straight ahead. greg? >> as far as i know we won't, andy. >> we won't? >> no. >> then why are we doing the story? >> why are we doing you? >> you have no respect for your viewers. >> i have no respect for you. >> you don't respect the viewers. >> you know what your problem is? >> you don't respect the viewers. >> you know what your problem is? you. you. you are your problem. there you go. america agrees.
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you are your problem. >> glossing over him. glossing over him. >> he is understanding it. it is your problem. >> cry, cry. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so hot you can bake a cake on her face. but i wouldn't advise it. i am here with criminal defense attorney. she defends murderers and her name is remi spencer. if jokes were a limo seen, many teens would enter him on prom night. it is joe devito and florida is considered a sham wow, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a keyboard i would pound him slowly with two fingers in the office. i am not a strong typier, i admit. it it is sherrod not that small. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> really? >> was it a disgrace to cover
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their face? well some parents in texas, are there any other kind, are irked about the burka. a teacher invited students to wear burka and to refer to terrorists as freedom fighters. one mother said she had no idea what was happening in the geography class until she saw her daughter in us law mick garb with their faces blurred. i felt like the line had been crossed. christian kids who want to pray have to do it outside of school hours, but islam is being taught to our kids during school hours. that's not funny, sherrod. but the school district in a statement says "the lesson offered focused on exposing students to world cultures" like they have them" religious customs and belief systems.s noc religion and the students volunteered to wear the
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clothing." i guess it beats reading and writing. am i write, america? you are behind me on this one. a state senator launched an investigation so what do the class yes, sir gills -- gerbils think about this? you can keep running all you want. you get no where. that's what i learned at the er. joe, i want you to tell me how you feel. if the word outrage is not in your answer, just leave. >> first of all, what are the yes, -- what are the gerbils running from? do we really need to cover their face when wearing burkas'?
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>> it is very strange. if you look at the things that are taught in countries like saudi arabia they work in their culture. if two evil jews get together with two more evil jews would the answer be evil jews are everywhere? the teacher said with the burka wearing the students wanted to put them on. like there are just burka's laying around. i requested the cheerleading outfits. >> cheerleading burkas would be pretty impressive. there could be a lot of injuries and by the way, cheerleading is more dangerous than any other sport. that's a topic for a different time. >> it is not an entertainment group. i am a company man now. >> that's very good. all right, is this about perceptions and what the teachers say? or is the teacher trying to be cool and act enlightened? >> i think the teachers are trying to teachers and. maybe this is the wrong lesson.
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maybe you should give the parents a heads up. you are in texas, right? did no one tell the teacher that? you will have guys in the classroom. tell the parents. >> go to the parents and see what they are okay with. remi, here is the thing about the ask caw curriculum. do you think they mentioned how women are treated in those countries? is this just how i like to say it a cultural relativism run a muck? >> i like the way you say that. >> i can have you replaced in a second. not really though. >> i think the teacher was probably trying to do the right thing, but what if we are all wrong? if this was the lower eastside or somewhere, a little more
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diverse than maybe lumberton, texas. there might not be such an outcry. it feels wrong. it feels funny. if i had a kid this that school i would want to know if they were dressing in a burka. i am not sure the teacher did anything wrong. >> i think it might be a he. >> he, excuse me. >> how dare you assume it is a woman who would be as dumb as this? you are sexist. >> apparently we just determined. i don't think the teacher did anything wrong. there should be some -- >> look, when i was a kid we had indian costumes. i remember dressing up with beads and feathers and it was part of the class project. there was nothing offensive about that. >> sure there were. >> you were a kid and the adults were in charge. >> why don't we call them what they are? native americans. >> indians were part of our native -- native americans were part of our heritage. also they didn't den gnaw
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grate women and gays in their own countries. well maybe they did. i don't know. i never read history books. >> there are not a lot of gay native americans. bill, most people would be happier if you wore a burka all the time. please answer that insult with a blighterring answer. >> i will give your insult a fact bomb. i will detonate it right now. this is part of a cor rick will you please called c scope. and it comes with a review panel made up of parents, teachers and school administrators. so if they don't like this, all they have to do is institute the panel and get rid of it from the curriculum. it is actually very simple and easier than lying to the media. but lying to the media is more fun. >> wining to the media gets solutions. i have found that out. here is the deal. if are you going to take on the trappings of an ideology orie lig general in the name of tolerance in which the ideology sphreses in tolerance
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why don't you incorporate all parts? you are in a burka, harass gays. if are you in a burka, punish women for driving. if your mother drove you to the school in your burka she should be whipped. >> maybe by wearing the burkas they learned they didn't like it. we will never know that because they were wearing a blurka. >> there is nothing in this story that indicates the teacher didn't give them all of the information. >> they fight against freedom. how dare you? >> two sides, greg. >> they call themselves that, and it is not to call them that necessarily. >> what you are saying is you want to call each other freedom fighters. >> it is just the way they treat each other. to give them the full context -- >> that's insulting.
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>> people who practice islam call them freedom fighters. >> remember, radical islamists kill more muslims than anybody. >> we are not disagrees. >> i don't agree with any of this. >> i agree with your glasses. >> apparently i did a tad maury search than any of you folks did. i clicked on an additional link and one of the versions i linked was the teacher actually -- this version and the teacher said don't blame me. this is the curriculum i was asked to follow. this was a geography class. why are we playing dress up in the first place. when we dressed up as indians if you went to the school people will go bough swrerk. berserk. these relig jaws pho fat particulars. >> in a geography class, what if they don't believe in geography. >> that's insensitive to their
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belief. i agree with you. it is sexist. what about men who want to dress in burkas? what does that tell to the teenagers who want to cross dress? >> if you want to dress in a burka you have more problems. >> and maybe you are open minded. you make me sick. you know what this is about? forget alternative lifestyles. teachers and english. we are a problem with our s.a.t. scores and we have been putting so much money in the educational system and nothing is happening. >> you want your kid to get into college and wearing a burr -- a burka is not going to help. >> that is more problematic than this. >> that is truement everybody should wear an astronaut outfit. i called it an outfit. >> those burkas will not get kids into college. wait, maybe.
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>> from burkas to jerkas, can you bill mom and dad if the parenting is bad? a homeless man is brooklyn is suing his parents for 200,000. he is claiming their lack of love lead to his penniless lot in life. bernard anderson says they were physically and emotionally abusive and it has caused wounds that cannot heal on their own. he suggests the brown stone which is a building in new york in case you don't know, a building made of brown stones, he wants him to sell it to purchase two cost effective franchises such as dom's pizza sh -- domino's pizza. and some parents are favoring one child over the other kids and 4 in 10 admit to eating them. >> what? >> speaking of --
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>> turtles are like a construction worker all day yelling hey baby, hey baby. once, it only has to work once. turtle gets lucky expru to go home with him because his home is right there. remi, you are a lawyer and you claim to be. if bernard's old money is as bad as he said, can you sue your parents for being bad parents? >> i'm sure a lot of us would like to sue our parents for money because we didn't feel they loved us enough or they supported us enough. this guy is creative. he is representing himself which means he doesn't have a lawyer. >> he has no job. >> i don't know any lawyer that would take this case. >> do people win when they do that? >> sometimes. >> then we don't need you. >> good luck with that.
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jew it is cool. >> you have a fool for a client. >> you don't need a lawyer lawyer necessarily. in every criminal case you want to keep your mouth shut and hire a lawyer. this guy has no case. >> i know are you a lawyer, but i watch a lot of the "the good wife." i think i am an expert and he doesn't have a case. sherrod is he emblematic of the entitlement culture and should obama be impeached? >> yes and no. this dude, lord have mercy, he is so lazy. >> how lazy is he? >> thank you. he doesn't even have the power to do it the old-fashioned way and kill your parents and take the house. >> terrible. >> just get in there and turn on some gas. >> you are such a bad person. you are a terrible man.
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>> parents had brown stones and they would wait and be like, i can't wait. all of this would be mine. >> is that your dream? >> you are right. in that sense there are so many -- everybody is living longer. so it used to be your parents would die and hand this thing over, but your parents are not dyeing and he goes i just want a domino's franchise. can you kick it please? i am suing you because you are not dying. >> in this dude's case i no longer think he is in the will. >> i think he blew it on that one. >> the second part of the story is about how it is impossible to love all kids equally. is this why you have no children? >> i just couldn't decide. i couldn't know which would plot to kill me the most. i want to say one thing. it was unbelievably difficult
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to look up his rap career. he also had a fundraising project called reaching your full potential. and it raised $1. >> i am also a lawyer. and sometimes you hear about children who want to divorce their parents. you usually don't hear about a 32-year-old man who wants to go back. i want an allowance. >> that's what he wants. >> aspiring rapper is now the aspiring folk singer. it was back in the -- i was thinking it was in the 70s and it would be some guy that would sleep on your couch and play horrible music. now it is the aspiring rapper who just freestyles crap. >> he is a musician who makes no money. >> it is progress. >> we have come a long way as that woman on the cigarette commercial used to say. bill, have you two brothers and they are great guys and incredibly successful.
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what happened? >> i just want them to loan me money. i won't say bad things about them. i will say i get this study. every person is different and you know what, every love is different. >> thank you. y you may not love more or less, but you love them differently and that's what it is all about. >> i just threw up a little bit. every love is different? >> every love is different. for example my daughters are delightful, but i love my third daughter less mostly because i named her david and i don't know what i was thinking. >> can you imagine if a judge ebbet tanked -- entertained this case and found in favor of the son. do you know how many lawsuits would be filed across the country? he has no shot. even if he had a claim, no judge would create this precedence. none of them would make another penny. >> but domino's would be raking it in. >> there would be so many domino's franchises. >> this guy clearly manages
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money. >> he studied the plashing -- the market. >> he said what do people want? what do i want? i want a pizza. >> can't sell weed so i might as well sell pizza. >> just sell the house and get me the pizza franchise. >> she lazy and he wants money and according to the picture he is gorgeous. why not model? if you do stay away from the pizza jie. she is a good looking man. >> he was like an extra in django. i can say it. >> i don't think you can say it. >> i can say the hell out of it. i like that. very good. coming up, should all white people be forced to live in a city under the sea? sherrod small discusses his new book how to fix america.
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thoughtful, by the way. and is 72 the new 30 and are carrots the new cheese? the answer may arouse you.
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the odds of death have never been less. people are living so much longer that 72 is the new 30. according to a study from the max plank institute for demographic research. since 1900 life expectancy has gone up faster than ever thanks to advances in gum. the study which focused on famously long-living swedish and japanese men determined that their counterparts in the year 1800 would have life
12:24 am
spans more like cave men than modern men. meaning the prim ma tiff men had the same odds of croaking as modern swedish and japanese dudes at age 72. we asked the typical swede to comment. >> you know, he is 147. but in dog years which is weird for a cat. so sherrod, i saw this and heard the great story. the reason they say 70 is the new 30 means that you will be like a 30-year-old at 70, but it really means in the old day u.s. died at 30. so this is is a ridiculous research project. >> it is telling you that if you are 72 get ready to die because back in the day you would be dead already because
12:25 am
you are 30. you are wasting everybody's time. >> it was meant to slow the idea that hey, 70, relax. it is like, no, you are dead. it was awful. joe, does this study encourage you to keep living the morally depraved lifestyle you currently lead as a stand up comic roaming from city to city de flowering weird owes. >> waitresses. >> well, it is good to know my chance of being mauled by a sabre tooth tiger is added to the longevity. anybody that does president think 72 -- that doesn't think 72 westbound the new 30 does -- doesn't spend time from you still die. it is telling you you have an extra 40 years. >> you know what is great on is to post a picture of you like from the 1920s. everybody tries to find the youngest picture and it is
12:26 am
like your name is agatha and athica malarkey the third. it is sepia tone and a big giant bicycle with big wheels. having an ice -- >> a shaved ice. >> likes uni-suits. >> looking forward to the pictures. remi, does it bother you that most humans could livelonger because you keep freeing murderers? >> i followed that. it is a very good point. i like this story, but choose not to trerp interpret it the way you have. 70 is the new 30 which after my birthday makes me negative 5. i like it. >> you look great for whatever that is. >> with this research was this globally or just in the united states? >> globally because they used
12:27 am
swedish and japanese men. they are on the planet earth, but we don't know for thur. >> i would think it was a lower age. most of the world ain't chilling like we are chilling. >> we have a shorter life span than a lot of countries. women live 10% longer. speaking of which, bill, for you 40 is the new 97. explain why you are here. >> much like bruce willis, i am unbreakable. forget about the kids of "fame" america, i'm gonna live forever. and as for the study, japan and sweden happened to live a lot longer than we do. what should we do? like hello kitty immediately. >> or eat horse at ikea. >> they do some stuff in the porn. >> why do we have to go to that stereo type? >> they make a lot of wonderful porn.
12:28 am
>> swedish pornography was the industry leader for many years. >> who? >> let's not forget germany. everybody would like to forget germany. too many glass coffee tables ruined over serious problems. >> it was a porn parody of the birds. it was called pecking order. what are we talking about here? why am i still staring at you when i should be doing a tease. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. do you have a video of your animal doing something clean? go to fox eye and click on submit a video and we might use it. the half time report from tv's andy levy. andy levy. he is 68.
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they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four monkey? a baboon? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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let's get back to andy levy for whatever. >> wow, really? >> what did i do now? >> just like that? >> it is like that. >> all right. >> who ever you are. >> good to know. texas high school class. joe, you brought up that the school district says they were
12:33 am
given the choice for the burka and then you said as if there were burkas just lying around. they were provided by the school, but it does president mean they were forced to wear them. >> i imagine they were forced in the same way that when a teacher says you have homework to do you are not forced to do it if you want to say i will fail this class. >> i don't think that's true, actually. >> you don't? >> i think they were given an option and it doesn't sound like they were -- they would be penalized if they didn't do it. >> are you sure? >> i am not sure. >> you know what that is, andy? that's an opinion and not a fact. >> it is absolutely an opinion. >> i think you have violated your own am buds man rule. >> i can do both. >> we are not here for your flights a fancy. >> why are we here, joe? have you figured that out? >> that's the name of the spoken word album. >> thank you very much. >> it is lovely. >> sherrod, you brought up this probably wouldn't be a big deal in parts of the
12:34 am
country that are more diverse, and i think you are probably right about that. i think maybe it is not a bad idea to give american girls the opportunity to see what it is like to wear a burka and say this is what life would be like for you in an islamist country. >> maybe that will keep them off the pole. >> was that an oh god from you? >> it is a -- okay. it replaces real work. so every kid likes to do stuff like this because it takes them out of a real class. they will dress like this. they will do this. to them it is a milder version of halloween. >> there is no multi-cultural classes where they are like, try on this garb because it sucks. >> dress up like the pope. they won't make them dress up like the pope. you are wrong, andy. >> i said i think maybe. >> that was a gray oasis album -- a great oasis album. >> by the way, the class apparently was asked what its
12:35 am
perception of islam was and said terrorism. i am not -- you really think giving them another perspective is a horrible, horrible idea? >> you are right. on that you are right. i think they are not being entirely accurate. i don't think every kid is in terrorism. i don't believe they are undermining theiral true wise stick tendencies. you can say the kids are stereo typing, but teaching them that all are freedom fighters. >> we have to see them in context. maybe they had the people with the burkas that were referring to things. we can't just make a judgment of what we hear. >> how do we do this show? >> do we even know what cable news is? we traffic in one story and turn it into something bigger. >> understanding the perspective of different cultures is important because it makes it easier to run
12:36 am
siops on them. >> learn your enemy. >> by the way, there should be a whole series of books by inmates called context. i just think it is a great idea. >> i am against it because i don't think they should have phones. >> top contexting. >> meet me in cell 13. >> i enjoyed the paisht who was upset during -- i enjoyed the parent who was upset that the christian per perspective was not caught in -- was not taught in class. >> you are adopting the david versus goliath metric. >> i think the idea here was to teachers and other cultures and not the culture this which you already live. >> or elevate one culture at the expense of another. >> now you are making stuff up. you have no problem that is what they were doing. >> i was undercover in that school for two years.
12:37 am
>> you were under a burr caw. burca. >> who is the short girl in the burka? >> i ended up marying a guy from qatar. >> remi, you referred to the teacher as a woman and greg thought it was a man and then called you out for assuming it was a woman. it was a woman. >> thank you, andy. >> why do we have to constantly de lynn yait human beings by orientation or biology. >> apparently i read the article. >> i thought it was a guy. >> you made that clear. >> the person who was quoted from the school was a dude. >> that would be the principal or superintendent. >> here is the deal. only the men are principals. >> the answer to that point is yes.
12:38 am
>> we live in a sexist society that unfortunately reel law gates women to lower roles and elevates white men like yourself over sherrod and i. >> the brother and -- the brother is right. >> joe you did maury search and then clicked on an additional link. >> don't do that. that's my job. >> i just want a hand trimmer. jay i am very put out. >> i heard about a bunch of guys at a butcher shop that became friends. they clicked over a link. >> that might fly on "the five", but here we do better material. >> dana would allow that. >> people on this show actually understand humor, greg. you can't do that. >> you are insulting my "five" mates. >> they have the you don't flag lapel pin. i see none on your person,
12:39 am
andrew. >> guy suing his parents because they didn't love him enough. remi you said a lot of us would like to do that. anything you want to get into? >> let me be clear. mom and dad are watching. they watch every red eye and every night. they loved us all very much. i wouldn't want to sue them. to the other point in this story, definitely not their favorite. we know my younger brother, jordan, are by far and away my parents' favorite. >> jordan can do anything. >> why don't we have him here? >> i tried to get jordan on, but he says oh i am too busy building latrines. he is an olympic athlete and a chef. >> he is guest hosting "o'reilly yts on friday. >> i saw in your talking points you said your parents loved jordan more. i contacted your mom and she said, yes, that's true.
12:40 am
>> i wouldn't be surprised. but he is awesome. >> you give in. >> you drank the cool aid. >> if i were you i would go there and raise some holy hell. >> they probably more than my twin brother so i'm okay with it. >> now that's a pecking order. they love him more, but i got him. that's great. >> i love how they interviewed this guy's parents and the dad is like, ain't my son. maybe he has a case. joe, you mentioned that you found the facebook page for this guy. i found his reverb nation page. it might be the same thing. >> "raise your weapon"? >> what was it called? >> i think so, yes. on his page it says he sounds like naz, jay-z, biggy and 2pac. i am thinking of suing him. >> he sounds like biggy and
12:41 am
2pac now. >> why are they older or something? >> do they have laryngitis? >> one of them is dead, big of e is dead. 1 in 12 parents admits to loving more. greg you sai in four admit to eating their children. >> did i say that? >> yes and that's not true. 72 is the new 30. according to the study life expectancy has gone up since 1900. that's advances in gum. what they noticed was it was easily accessible. i am begging you to read the stories. >> in all of those instances you are probably chewing gum. causation is not correlation, but gum has to do with it.
12:42 am
>> correlation is not chews chews-ation. >> we are true to chews, you jews. jay now it comes out. it is amazing what the freudian slip is doing when you are banding: joy that was not a -- >> that was not a freudian slip. that was rhyming. >> i was a little surprised nobody brought this up. uh -- according to the institute, stuff might decline driven brie high magnitude and low magnitude and high frequency challenges in the 20th century. >> i said the same thing every day. >> i actually was surprised that you didn't bring it up on the show. >> you know what, you took the words out of my mouth. >> i would like to apologize for the movie easy made under the name max plank. i needed the money. >> i am done. >> all right. later.
12:43 am
that is a good name for porn, max plank. maximum plank. >> you just got planked. >> coming up, i howl and i wine. i am hung dpree like the wolf. not a story, just a crazed note bill hemmer taped to my door. what's up with him? and is morissey feuding with duck dynasty? it was only a matter of time really.
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her name is mud for licking the spud. kfc fired an employee in tennessee, look at that, after a photo of her appearing to lick a pile of the mashed potatoes was posted on-line last week and went -- i never heard this word before, viral. it seems so viral. a spokesman says the picture was taken after the restaurant closed and the potatoes were not served to a customer. you can tell.
12:47 am
the fried chicken chain has sent personnel to the restaurant to retrain the workers on how not to be completely disgusting. the potatoes are resting comfortably at a nearby youth home. when you have to work out that's a problem with this. >> lightning rooooooouuuunnnnnnnddd. lightning round. >> nailed it. nailed it! >> that was better than anything on the oscars. >> i like how you did it with your twin. >> they love it on twitter. >> horrible drug problem. >> you know, what interestingly he likes white people. there is an opposite thing. >> he is the evil mate. >> back to the story, remi. why did these people post pictures of things that could get them fired? why do they do it? >> i don't know they end up in my office. >> they post pick pictures of themselves killing people though. >> i do more than represent people charged with those very
12:48 am
serious crimes. i represent people who do dumber things, smaller things. >> you had a defendant that smothered somebody in mashed potatoes, shark? >> the mashed potato murderer. >> that was a personal story and not a professional one. >> you know why it went viral? it is so easy to replace the potatoes with different things in that picture. that's what everybody is doing. anybody with the potatoes is the one kfc got. >> it is amazing. i believe facebook has lost more jobs than anything -- because and i wonder if this is good for bosses. bosses want to get rid of somebody and they say he is an idiot and will post something. >> people don't know photos can be seen by other people. human resource directors are coming out with an employee guide that says, look,
12:49 am
jackass, don't do these things and have somebody take a picture. i like how they said -- you can tell those are unserved. >> we are all all safe. bill, you have eaten mashed potatoes after things far worse than that. >> the fact of the matter is she didn't lick the potatoes. the tongue is close to the potatoes. it was not on it and trust me. i was really looking. i think she could get her job back if she wanted to. >> the only show where people wait for other people to talk and then nobody talks. >> i think it is not that she either licked the mashed potatoes or didn't. it is the fear of what else did she do? what else is goings on behind closed doors. >> if she don't get the job back, i know someplaces she
12:50 am
can go and they pay big money. >> you know this is dpr for bosses, you egg them on to do stuff. $hard to fire people these day -- it is so hard to fire people. >> you can just fire them. >> no, you can't. you say that's funny. film what you are doing and put it on facebook and then you are canned. >> remember the guy who took the bath in the kfc sink? >> he didn't come home for christmas. and have to take a break. don't think of leaving now. and "joy of hate." go to any bookstore,, autographed copy, check out g new york times best seller.
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next topic, english singer morissey canceled a per 4thof july mans on jimmy kimmle because he didn't want to appear the same i'm as duck dynasty which is a story about a duck restaurant. the reality show is about a business that makes products for duck hunters. morissey said, as far as my reputation is concerned i can't take the risk of being on a show to those who equal
12:55 am
to animal serial killers. i would mock this guy, but at least this is a celebrity animal activists activists who sticks to his beliefs, right? >> he has integrity. you have to respect that. i didn't know the story at first. people were saying he has to lighten up. and then i read he has a real sincere interest for the animal. so i respect that. come on, his reputation? he got himself in the news. everybody is talking about him today. isit has been years since people were talking about morissey. >> morissey is right. i can't sit back and let my bird brothers and sisters get murdered this way. i am talking about the heirs to frank purdue's fortune. you know he was a jeffrey dommer chicken. >> millions. >> i love the episode. the other guys are funny. some people eat meat. i respect the fact he said i
12:56 am
don't president what to be involved and then called out. >> that's what i like about it. there are a lot who do the peta ads, but they would never pay down a paying gig. >> i was on the show doing a different morissey story. maybe i should have been paying more attention to morissey. what is cool is morissey is at a disipg level of fame. he can make a stand. it is not like there will be a bunch of new morissey fans. forget this guy. the morissey fans are dedicated. >> the one thing is he is against eating chicken, but he is okay with people just eating bill schulz and eating him like a buffet. >> as in i am so cute i can eat you up? >> so what we have here is an excuse. the excuse is this, he does president want to be with
12:57 am
accessory the serial killer. i am wulg those who work on campbel has eaten the meet. anyone on the show he is next to a serial killer. so it does president hold water. i don't like it because i have a beard that i can not grow or date. >> tell morissey to take off the letter coat and leather shoes. >> i think he wears the leather. >> what about those things? i. >> when and why? plastics are made from living things, right? >> from dinosaurs. they were around the -- 200 years ago. >> it comes from oil and oil comes from fossils. morissey is living off the fossils. he is feeding off a dead dinosaur. he is a murderer, morissey. close things out with the post game wrap up with tv's sandy levey.
12:58 am
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